10 Tips to Start a Paleo Diet

pantryIf you are a paleo beginner, the following tips are the ones that I find will help you the most.  
  1. Clean your kitchen out of any junk food you might have. Especially those ready-to-eat, easy to grab and full of empty calories items.
  1. Start by learning the science behind this healthy lifestyle with Whole 30, and their New York Times best-selling book, It Starts with Foods. You will learn how to break unhealthy habits, reduce cravings, improve digestion, and strengthen your immune system.

  1. Know that the first stage is detoxing your body. So remove one non-paleo item from your diet at a time.  Otherwise, it can become too strict and hard to follow.


  1. Plan the meals you want to be paleo (gradually increase the number of meals) ahead of time. Paleo is all about planning and prep time.


  1. IMG_6468

    Vanilla Maple Pudding

    Focus on paleo snacks and healthy juices for sudden cravings and withdrawal symptoms. If you are used to eating a lot of sugar and sugary carbohydrates, dramatically reducing them can cause a few days of unpleasant symptoms.  This is often referred to as Paleo Flu.  Remind yourself that it is temporary, stay on track.  This period may vary from 2 days to 3 weeks and could possibly give you mental fuzziness, headaches, exhaustion, crankiness and achy joints.  This is detox time, remember that it gets easier!


  1. Make big batches of food and freeze them for future use. Or you could also double the recipes and use the leftovers for your next meal.  Believe or not, eating vegetables for breakfast is something you get used to!


  1. Make this whole thing fun: bacon, dark chocolate, fresh herbs, cashews, etc. Discover new foods: jicama, coconut flour, swiss chard or new cooking techniques like sous vide.


  1. IMG_6431

    Sweet potatoes with herbs

    Breakfast: go for boiled eggs, bacon, sliced avocados and tomatoes, cubed sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon or make paleo granola ahead of time to serve with almond milk. Make sure you stay away from bread by planning your breakfast meals.


  1. Expect to fail. We are humans and what is important is to move on and not feel the guilt.  Just forget about it and start over again.  Go tiger!


  1. The most important of all; experiment. Adapt it to your own needs.  Your body is talking to you, be aware.  You might be allergic to nightshades or be fructose intolerant.  Study yourself. You might consider alright eating quinoa, white potatoes, goat cheese or rice.  The more awareness you develop towards your digestive system and your body’s overall condition, the greater you’ll feel the impact of each food you eat.  Do what you feel is right.


You might be facing other challenges during your transition to a paleo diet.  Simply describe them in the comment box below and I will do my best to answer them with tricks I have done myself or seen other people do.  There is always someone facing the same specific situation, you are not alone.  Share, share, share!