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Johanne The Gourmet ConfessionWelcome to The Gourmet Confession.  My name is Johanne and my confession is that I LOVE FOOD!  

The reason TGC exists is because one day, I chose to do things differently.  

I had a corporate job that lots of people would envy.  I have experienced lots of material energy including flying with customers on a private jet, building houses, going to fancy restaurants, travelling to Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco, L.A., Shanghai and Bali to name a few.  And decided to leave all of that and dare to live my passion.

I love to cook and try new combinations of flavors and colors, with the help of healthy foods.  I love being an entrepreneur, even if it means being on your own.  I love to sow fresh herbs and vegetables and use them in recipes.  I also love to choose specific foods that will help reducing pain caused by body inflammation.  Let me explain why…Ring

Since I started eating a paleo diet, my body “melted”.  I use to have joint pain from inflammation and was not able to wear a certain ring that was given to me by my friend Michelle.  That ring is now back on my finger and is the proof that eating in a certain way can heal your body.  If it worked for me, chances are it will work for you too.

Also, I came to realize something over the years.   Food does not only gather the people you love together,  but that with the busy life we have, sharing meals with fantastic friends and family is one of the greatest pleasure that life brings.  You and I are not so different and this ‘About’ page is perhaps more about you than it is about me.

It is through sharing stories together, that you can step back and appreciate the joys of living.

This website was created to support YOU in getting healthier.  

I know you are a busy person that doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on cooking – if at all.  But, you do know that by changing a few habits, you can gain more energy, feel better physically and mentally, reach that desired weight and dramatically reduce pain caused by chronic inflammation.  Get rid of those red dry eyes, stiff articulations and red nose – those are all signs of inflammation.

I will show you that you can do it.

Take control of your health, of what’s in your plate and experience the joy of well being.  YOU have the choice.

I am honored that you find the time to read my blog and fit me into your busy schedule.   TGC is the extension of my own experience and life path.   I have studied a lot about foods and am still researching everyday about new ways to improve our daily human lives.  I value the person you are and the interest you have in getting healthier.

I invite you to my kitchen and my garden and will introduce you to my family members shortly as our relationship is bound to go a long way.

Eat Better, Live Healthier my friend!

The Gourmet Confession

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Johanne from The Gourmet Confession