Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolateChocolate is the sweet treat that people love the most.  I know I do!

But is it healthy?

Reality is that chocolate in its raw form is healthy.

Raw chocolate means that it has not been processed, heated or mixed with other ingredients.

Benefits of Dark Chocolate and Raw Cacao

Here are the difference formats of chocolate that I am talking about in this post.





Louisiana State University researchers found that dark chocolate supports the good bacteria we have in our gut.   

Everyone has good and bad microbes in their gut.  Dark chocolate is what good microbes would literally feast on!  

Its antioxidant content and small amount of dietary fiber are digested, but when they reach the colon, the desirable microbes take over.  When metabolized to smaller molecules, they ferment them and create an anti-inflammatory activity.

It even says that, when combined with solid fruits like pomegranates and acai, dark chocolate is empowered to provide even more heatlh benefits.  A powerful mix of antioxidant if you will.

Another study says it can help with high-blood pressure and would have a heart and vascular protection function.

Dark chocolate also has healthy fats, like cocoa butter for example.   A little more expensive than other healthy fats but very healthy with its high smoke point for cooking.

Make sure you consider that food an occasional treat and not something you eat at every meal.

Also ensure you go for 70% cocoa content and more.  The more, the better.

To give you a quick comparison, let’s take a look at a medium apple, which contains about 19 grams of sugar.  On the other hand, 2 ounces of 80% dark chocolate only contains 10.6 grams.  And it gets better with higher cocoa content percentages.

Here are a few good options you can choose from.


I use dark chocolate to make this paleo intense chocolate mousse which is dairy-free.  So yummy!

Let me know if I forgot one chocolate brand you really like, I will add it!  And don’t forget to share this post to your favorite social media platform.  Share your love for chocolate!

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