News & Dietary Evaluation part 2

Latest News

I don’t know about you, but here at The Gourmet Confession, 2016 ended with lots happening.

Oh, I’m not going to tell you about my annual goals (they were done 3 months ago), or even tell you about some plain resolutions.

But mostly about effervescence and the buzz going on in our lives.

New office

First, we started the construction of The Gourmet’s new office. The work is well underway with a great deal of vigor. No need to tell you that I am sooooo thrilled!  


Dietary Evalulation – Psycho-Kinesiology

Have you ever heard about your own body cells having a memory?

Or maybe that, people with body part transplantation coming from other individuals, all of a sudden, would develop new preferences for foods, new passions or character traits?

Well, I just had an experience using my own cellular memory in relation to foods.

The technique is called kinesiology.

Let me tell  you about my pretty uncommon experience.