Hot Chocolate

Today, it is very cold outside where I live (close to Montreal, Canada). Hot chocolate paleo drink 2_300_450

But I am smiling because it’s the perfect excuse to make Hot Chocolate!

Hot Chocolate

My paleo version is healthy because I’m using unsweetened cocoa powder, full fat coconut milk and a bit of coconut sugar (no refined sugar).

Full of antioxidant and healthy fats, here is a drink that you can enjoy without guilt for once!


How to Get Glowing Skin

How to get glowing skin broth - the Gourmet ConfessionDo you wonder how to get glowing skin?

There is an absolutely fantastic and easy way to improve your skin conditions that you should know about.  

All you need is a slow cooker and….bones.  I know, this might make you frown a little but animal bones have a lot to offer.

Bone broth is very trendy this fall. New York city stores are even selling just that, cups of precious bone broth mixed with different flavors. 

The big fuzz about bone broth is the collagen it contains.  Collagen is great for your skin and it even makes your hair all shiny.

If you have a slow cooker at home, give it a try!  You should, here’s why :


How to Make a Smoothie

Ever wondered how to make a smoothie?Smoothie 560_292

To me, one the hardest part of sticking to a paleo diet is breakfast.  When you get tired of eating eggs every morning, you want to know what your other options are.

There is also those mornings when your alarm clock does not ring and you have to run like crazy to get to work on time.  

What happens with breakfast?