Our Straw Bale Gardening

Straw Bale Gardening - The Gourmet ConfessionThis quote reinforces why I first got interested in straw bale gardening.

It is from Dr. Patrick Quillin about his fruit garden. “Welcome to my pharmacy!….If you are going to spend time on it, if you’re going to water it, make it something you eat’’. 

I heard him say that on the Truth About Cancer series, while he was showing his very own fruit garden, down in sunny California.

Of course, California has a real water challenge.  But his words did make quite an impact on me.

How should one eat organic produce and not pay too much for it?  Simply by making an organic vegetable garden!

Which we did.  Mike and I.


Spring flowers

Do you love to see the first spring flowers?  I get excited every year when I see the first splash of color appear on the ground.

I put together a few pictures of colorful and beautiful ones I have around the house.

Just for the fun of it…nothing to do with food.  All for the love of nature!



Garden ideas

Tomates 560_373I know you like food.  How about growing your own organic vegetables?  There are great garden ideas all over the internet but…

I just discovered this CRAZY new way of gardening using straw bales.  This new technique will allow you to grow more food with less work, in less space and with no more weeding.


New Garden Ideas

Hard to believe? Take a look for yourself!   Straw Bale Gardening

I think this is absolutely fantastic. No more weeding…just for that specific reason, it’s worth trying it.


Vegetable Garden Prep Work



Our Backyard

I love fall season.  The trees are changing, their colors are so bright and…it’s also time to prepare for the upcoming winter.

This past weekend, we worked hard preparing our future vegetable garden (we moved in this house 4 months ago).

We removed a small tree.   Then, we added some manure that we got from a local farmer.   He was very nice and sold us a bucket for $10. What a deal!  

I think everyone should try to visit local farms.  Like Chef Emeril would say ”Buy Fresh, Buy Local”.   If they agree to sell direct to you, you get fresh and quality products that