How to Make Banana Bread

How To Make Banana Bread – Grain & Dairy free

There is a recipe I’ve been wanting to try for a while.  It’s showing how to make banana bread that doesn’t use much flour but a lot of bananas.

So I decided to test it with the addition of pecans.  I also used extra virgin organic coconut oil instead of clarified butter.


Healthy Salad Dressing – 4 ingredients

There is something that we can’t get enough of; we eat them every day.  Salads.  

You can imagine that salad dressing is something I always in the fridge.  There is one salad dressing I make and it only has 4 ingredients.


Healthy Fast Food

Is there such a thing as Healthy Fast Food?Healthy fast food

I know, you have a busy schedule.  You may have some kids to feed too.

But you still want to eat healthy.

And, sometimes, you get overwhelmed by the time you need to spend in the kitchen.

I know exactly how you feel; having a 16-year old daughter and 2 stepsons of 20 and 22 years of age.

I think you have 2 options


10 Tips to Start a Paleo Diet

pantryIf you are a paleo beginner, the following tips are the ones that I find will help you the most.  
  1. Clean your kitchen out of any junk food you might have. Especially those ready-to-eat, easy to grab and full of empty calories items.
  1. Start by learning the science behind this healthy lifestyle with Whole 30, and their New York Times best-selling book, It Starts with Foods. You will learn how to break unhealthy habits, reduce cravings, improve digestion, and strengthen your immune system.


5 Mistakes to Avoid on a Paleo Diet

  1. Nuts 560_292Overdoing nuts is a mistake commonly made. Nuts are paleo friendly, but they are high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are inflammatory fats.  Dropping grains does not mean we have to replace them by nuts.  A handful of nuts and seeds per day is the portion we should consider eating.  If you suffer from a damaged gut or have auto-immune conditions, you might want to remove them completely from your diet and reintroduce them after 30 days.  That will tell you if you are sensitive to them.
  1. You think you need to follow it 100%. Don’t get me wrong, if you can follow it 100%, go for it.  What I mean here is don’t let your new diet keep you from going out to the restaurant or see some friends because you’re afraid to break the paleo rules.   Cutting yourself from any social form of activity will only lead to failure.  You could also be creative and arrange social events that are not food based.  Or on the opposite, organize a cooking with friends’ party for which you ask your guests to bring specific foods.  For example, they bring tomatoes, you supply herbs, garlic and drinks, and everyone leaves with marinara sauce.