Coleslaw Recipe – Paleo, quick and easy

Zucchini Pasta


Zucchini Pasta or Zoodles

If you are looking for an alternative to wheat or gluten free pasta, look no more; zucchini pasta are fantabulous!

At home, to avoid wheat or even corn (OGM corn), we have tried different kinds of quinoa and rice noodles.

They tend to get boring very quickly, being too mushy and hard to cook al dente.

Of course, the spaghetti squash is always an option but we felt we need something new.

Zucchini pasta, or zoodles – a short version of zucchini noodles – are a pretty cool choice as they can be eaten raw or slightly heated.

The trick is, you have to keep them crisp.


Healthy Salad Dressing – 4 ingredients

There is something that we can’t get enough of; we eat them every day.  Salads.  

You can imagine that salad dressing is something I always in the fridge.  There is one salad dressing I make and it only has 4 ingredients.


Creamy Avocado Vinaigrette

Creamy Avocado Vinaigrette with lettuce and tunaSometimes you just want to jazz up your salad.

Make it different.

But still want something healthy and full of flavors.

Here is a fresh version of my creamy avocado vinaigrette with pumpkin seeds.

A delicious but nutritious version, full of omega-3, zinc and magnesium, you will simply love it!


How to Cook Butternut Squash

Fall Squash 5 with logoHow to cook butternut squash is easy as it leaves you time to do other stuff while it’s in the oven.  But first, let’s talk a little about this fruit.  Yeah, you read me right, squash is a fruit!

If you had to choose one food to learn more about, what would it be?  Your answer should be squashes! (in my opinion)

All squashes are so full of nutrients, vitamin A-C-E, fiber, magnesium (which is essential to assimilate your calcium) and potassium.  The butternut squash turns into a bright orange when ripe.  They also contain those precious Omega-3 fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties.


Potato Salad with Eggs

Potato salad with eggs_560_292Potato salad always reminds me of picnics in the park or our family reunions where my Mom and aunts would always make this traditional family dish.

Be sure to serve it cold.

It is creamy and crunchy at the same time.  

This family recipe is definitely associated with some childhood memories.

Very tasty, it goes great with pork, steaks or chili.