Dietary Evalulation – Psycho-Kinesiology

Have you ever heard about your own body cells having a memory?

Or maybe that, people with body part transplantation coming from other individuals, all of a sudden, would develop new preferences for foods, new passions or character traits?

Well, I just had an experience using my own cellular memory in relation to foods.

The technique is called kinesiology.

Let me tell  you about my pretty uncommon experience.

Meridians and Energy

First, this lady I saw, Mrs. Gareau, is an expert in Psycho Kinesiology. She had me go through an energy rebalancing by putting semi precious rocks on my meridians.  This treatment required that I stayed away from magnetic fields such as computers, cell phones, tablets, metal and jewels.  That was to ensure the triggered process continued for 5 days.

No need to say I missed my technology. 😉

Dietary Evaluation

Then, we started the evaluation. The goal is to find out if certain foods are incompatible with me, by asking my cellular memory.

She told me that kinesiology is scientifically proven – beware skeptics out there – do your own research!

This science uses your arm as a tool for your cellular memory to give an answer. Sounds really weird, I know, but I had no control over my arm by times.  

And by the way, a friend of mine, Frank, went to see Mrs.Gareau too.  He also confirmed that he had no strenght and no control over his arm for that matter.

Let me explain.

I would place my arm at mid distance from the table I was lying on. When Mrs. Gareau would ask if I was wearing black pants (I was not) she would put a tiny pressure on my arm.  The kind of pressure I would normally be able to fight against.  But then, my arm would go down,  as to say no, without me being able to do nothing about it. When she asked if I was wearing jeans, my arm would go all the way up to say yes. Same thing, no control over my arm whatsoever.  

Incredulous?  I certainly was!

Sometimes, my arm would go down so fast as to express a flat and undeniable refusal.

So we went through a long list of all the fruits and vegetables I eat.  My arm would give an answer for each one of them with a low or high intensity that Mrs. Gareau would rate from 1 to 10.

My organic vegetable garden, I love veggies!

At this stage of the process, a first appointment on a total of 2, the evaluation says that

  • peppers of all sorts (including spices),
  • cabbage,
  • celery and
  • strawberries
    are not my digestive tube’s best allies.

I admit that I had to go through a mourning about my loved vegetables. But hey, let’s be real, it’s ok to eat those on occasions, and just not every day…for now.  

I personally think that when my digestive system is inflammation-free, I might be able to handle those foods better. But that’s really just my feeling.  We’ll see about that.

I’m really anxious to see the impact these changes in my diet will have.  Which brings me to talk about the reason why I decided to try this experience.

A persistent tennis elbow is the original motivation I had.  I was hoping that by changing certain food habits, it would be enough to eliminate my inflammation.

Again, Mrs. Gareau said, let’s ask the cells!

Healing Solution

Mrs. Gareau works with homeopathic products. She decided to read aloud the name of each ingredients of the first product she had in mind for me.  I just needed to listen to them.

Then, she asked my arm, my cells memory in fact, if this product would eliminate my elbow inflammation?

Answer : no.

Speed reading aloud of another list of ingredients; after two refusals, she finally got a yes, my cells agreeing to a product in particular. What an experiment! And I did not pronouce a word the whole time.

Me before a jog with minimalist shoes

I then asked about exercising… Why not!  Got a few surprises there too.


My conclusion is this: the technique is quite unusual and very interesting.  The fact that I could not control my arm was really bizarre.

And you know this is not hypnosis at all (I’ve been hypnotized and know what it feels like).

But the true verdict will only be possible, once the evaluation is completed. Then will I  be able to apply the changes and see for myself.  More to follow!   (see part 2 at the end of this article)

Meanwhile, would you like to learn more about kinesiology?

Some are for this applied technique and some are against.  Discover, learn, make your own opinion and have fun!

Here are a few links and books I put together for you to read.  (in french only)




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