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Tomates 560_373I know you like food.  How about growing your own organic vegetables?  There are great garden ideas all over the internet but…

I just discovered this CRAZY new way of gardening using straw bales.  This new technique will allow you to grow more food with less work, in less space and with no more weeding.


New Garden Ideas

Hard to believe? Take a look for yourself!   Straw Bale Gardening

I think this is absolutely fantastic. No more weeding…just for that specific reason, it’s worth trying it.


rz4-lettuce-straw-bale-garden-2     Straw bale gardening Duncan Carver Book Cover 450_585

I just finished reading the book myself and love the idea of growing mushrooms in my garden (which I have never considered doing before).

As you know in one my previous post, Mike and I prepared the space for our future vegetable garden.  This technique fits right in.  

For smaller spaces, it’s ideal, because you can simply drop the straw bales wherever you want and create your dedicated space that way.

Gardening peppers pixabay 560_292Needless to say that organic produce are more expensive and having a garden will save you money.  

To have fresh tomatoes and vegetables every day of the summer is a true joy.  It puts a smile on my face!  

What about you?

Here a quick view of the preparation work I’ve been doing in my own garden.  

Straw bale gardening 1 350_467  Getting the straw bales at a local farm.

Straw bale gardening 450_600  Putting some geotextile fabric on the ground to eliminate weeding.

Straw bale gardening 400_600 Almost ready to install a fence!

I can’t wait to start planting.   I got a good variety of vegetable seeds that I started indoors.

Vegetable seeds 560_373   SeedlingYeah, I know, I bought a lot.  I’m so excited, I feel like a child going to Disney World! 

Seedling 1 450_675Let me know what you think about this new technique by leaving me a quick comment below.  Here’s the book again.

Straw bale gardening Duncan Carver Book Cover 450_585


  1. Alviie-s-world

    This looks very practical and I like the originality! Nice finding!

  2. Johanne

    Thank you, I will add more pictures as we follow through with each step until we reach harvesting. The bales need to be watered for 3 days to start the conditioning process. It’s all very well explained in the book.

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