Healthy Fast Food

Is there such a thing as Healthy Fast Food?Healthy fast food

I know, you have a busy schedule.  You may have some kids to feed too.

But you still want to eat healthy.

And, sometimes, you get overwhelmed by the time you need to spend in the kitchen.

I know exactly how you feel; having a 16-year old daughter and 2 stepsons of 20 and 22 years of age.

I think you have 2 options

First option : teach them how to cook.  They don’t have to learn how to make any complicated recipes.  Teach them the basics.

But, if your kids are not old enough to cook, then, option 2 becomes very handy.

Would healthy meals, cooked by chefs, using premium quality organic ingredients sound good to you?

I discovered this awesome pre-made healthy fast food solution a few months ago.  My spouse Mike and I tried them out.  IMG_7116 (2)

The meals we ordered simply needed to be reheated as they were cooked to perfection.

The meals we received were frozen and could be kept for up to 12 months.  I was impressed by their packaging using dry ice.  Everything was still completely frozen when it arrived.


You know what that means right?    It means that you can use a meal whenever you need it the most!

Forget about other less healthy options like ordering in.  Pre-Made Paleo provides you with super quick, delicious, nutritious and tasty meals, shipped to your home.  Grab one in your freezer, ready to be used whenever you feel like it. 

We enjoy having them in our freezer.  And let me tell you, may it be for snacking, breakfast, lunch or dinner; Pre-Made Paleo has it!

All meals are made from scratch, vacuum-sealed in BPA-free packages, then are flash frozen. Most menus include a beef, pork, turkey, and two chicken entrées, all with composed vegetable side dishes.  They also make a variety of à la carte items such as beef hamburgers, soups, stews, chilis, breakfast skillets, trail mix snacks and paleo bars.

Take a look below at some of the meals they offer.  Things like chili, grass fed burgers, fish, sausages, chicken hash, breakfast skillets and all sorts of side dish, vegetables and snacks.

Pre-Made Paleo is truly a life saver solution for us and keeps us from eating bad junk food.  Try it, you will be delighted!


A few examples of healthy delicious meals by Pre-Made Paleo

Grass fed beef chili Hatch Chili Burger Healthy Fast food pre made paleo 1

Healthy Fast food pre made paleo 4 Healthy Fast food pre made paleo 5 Healthy Fast food pre made paleoEpic bison portable protein barsEpic chicken bites       Snacking



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