How to Get Glowing Skin

How to get glowing skin broth - the Gourmet ConfessionDo you wonder how to get glowing skin?

There is an absolutely fantastic and easy way to improve your skin conditions that you should know about.  

All you need is a slow cooker and….bones.  I know, this might make you frown a little but animal bones have a lot to offer.

Bone broth is very trendy this fall. New York city stores are even selling just that, cups of precious bone broth mixed with different flavors. 

The big fuzz about bone broth is the collagen it contains.  Collagen is great for your skin and it even makes your hair all shiny.

If you have a slow cooker at home, give it a try!  You should, here’s why :

  • bone broth is great for weight loss as it is very filing, as zero carbs and is not high in calories;
  • its nutrients will boost your immune system because they can help healing your gut problems like constipation, diarrhea and gas.
  • its full of glucosamine which is great for reducing joints pain and inflammation.
  • And the best of all, it’s packed with a precious substance, collagen.  Collagen will improve your skin condition as skin is also made of collagen. 

How to get glowing skin - the Gourmet ConfessionTo get the most out of your bone broth, you should consider using bones that have marrow.  

You can put them in a slow cooker along with other vegetables, spices, black pepper and garlic.  

It’s like you are making soup, but you leave it for a longer period of time in order to get all the goodness out of the bones.

Bones/leftovers you can use & simmer :

  • Chicken, beef, pork, turkey, veal, goose, duck, lamb (12 to 72 hours) or 
  • fish and seafood shells (fish stock only takes 2 to 3 hours to make)

and strain the broth through a strainer or a double layer of cheesecloth.  Voilà!


Some paleo cooks leave their slow cooker on all week and will add water and other bones/vegetables to keep it going.

Still wonder how to get glowing skin?  Get in the habit of drinking a cup of bone broth per day.  

Some people don’t like the texture or the fact that it’s jiggly when cooled down.  But remember that it is packed with healthy gelatin and good for you!  But, if that doesn’t help…

Use it as a base for your soups, sauces, gravies and stews.  

Or you could even use it in your morning scrambled eggs or to replace water when you cook rice or quinoa.

Johanne GilbertAs I work from home, it’s easy for me to drink my daily cup of bone broth.  I saw my skin get silkier, smoother and did not find it difficult to get use to the texture…but that’s just me.

If you don’t work from home, you could do the same by preparing yourself a few cups to bring to work in insulated travel mugs.

They stay hot for a long period of time and they’re discrete, nobody will know your drinking ”soup” all day! 

Also, if you want to learn more about bone broth, there is a great book I recommend, the Bone Broth Miracle.  

It’s written by Ariane Resnick who is a private chef and certified nutritionist.  It even talks about how to dehydrate bone broth for travel purposes!

I’d love to know about your experience with bone broth.  Throw me a quick comment below!



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