How to Make a Smoothie

Ever wondered how to make a smoothie?Smoothie 560_292

To me, one the hardest part of sticking to a paleo diet is breakfast.  When you get tired of eating eggs every morning, you want to know what your other options are.

There is also those mornings when your alarm clock does not ring and you have to run like crazy to get to work on time.  

What happens with breakfast?

One easy solution is to make a smoothie.  Easy to make and with a different taste every time because the combinations are endless.   As nutritious as can be, no wonder they became so popular in the last years.

They can be prepared a few days ahead of time and left in the fridge for those rushed mornings.

Depending on what you got handy in your fridge, you can create numerous combinations.  I recorded this quick video to show you an example using swiss chard but you could very well be using kale, spinach, lettuce or any other green leaves.  

Make sure you include an alkaline food to start with.  I also included a list of optional ingredients you could use right below the video.

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Healthy Smoothie


2 Swiss Chard leaves
1 cup frozen berries
1 cup nut milk (I used almond milk)
1 tablespoon honey

This is one of the versions I make.  But you could be creative and use the following ingredients as well :

Bananas and other fruits
Protein powder
Maple syrup (the real stuff!)
Nuts (whole or butters)
Cacao powder
Chia seeds
Ginger (roots or powder)
Curcuma (roots or powder)
Coconut milk
Peppermint (fresh herb)
Lemon balm (fresh herb)
Grounded flax seeds
Green tea

I’m sure you can come up with additional ideas of what to include in your smoothie.  Feel free to share your ideas by commenting below!


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