It Starts with Food; phenomenal book

The Book that Most Influenced Me

When I first started to scan what I put in my plate, I couldn’t stop wanting to know more.  I had so many questions.

When I realized that foods that I considered healthy were actually creating chronic inflammation in my body, I was shocked.

I wanted to transition to a paleo diet but felt I needed to quit with some old associations with food.

That’s when I discovered the Whole30® program.  That’s right, 30 days to reset your health, your habits and relationship with foods.

In this book, It Starts With Food, Melissa and Dallas Hartwig explain how they came up with a list of food that they consider healthy, based on 4 good food standards.  

Here they are :

No 1 – Promote a Healthy Psychological Response

The first criteria is about the relationship we have with a particular food; if it’s a balanced one or not.  Some food products are created just for that; creating an addiction making us incapable of controlling ourselves of wanting more (and more, and more…).  And that is done through a hormonal response.  Nothing to do with willpower.

No 2 – Promote a Healthy Hormonal Response

This is where they talk about what triggers the problem of cravings and  wanting to eat more empty calories; bad fats, sugars and salt.  They talk about emotional motivation and creation of behavior/conditioning that occurs with repeated satisfaction through hormones.  The more you fantasize about indulging, the less likely you are to resist.  This section of the book is sooooo powerful.

No 3 – Support a Healthy Gut

Melissa and Dallas talk about the gut’s critical role in regulating the immune system’s response.  They explain how undigested substances end up on the wrong side of the gut barrier.  How those substances are capable of reaching the blood vessels to circulate through our whole body.  

No 4 – Support Immune Function and Minimize Inflammation

Because of the previous good food standard, here they talk about how the immune system reacts and consequently, how chronic inflammation is created.  They also address how genetics can also affect your health, but not in the way you might think.  As they say, silent inflammation isn’t so silent if you know what to listen for.  No one is immune from inflammation.

The Good News

You’ll be glad to know that you can improve the quality of your life, your energy level, the quality of your sleep with one little change.

Even after years of poor eating habits and unhealthy life choices, most of the consequences are highly reversible.

You just need to do one thing : change the food you put on your plate.  It Starts with Food will show you how.  

Follow the instructions, read the book; it’s amazing!  

It will change your life, just like it changed my vision of a healthy diet.


Like Mellisa and Dallas Hartwig say :

Imagine Yourself Healthier than you Ever Though Possible.

It Starts with Food : Whole30®


And what’s next?  You are interested but not sure how cooking clean means.  The book does have a few guidelines for cooking but there is another great tool available for you.  The Whole30® cookbook.

It explains all the basics and has lots of beautiful recipe images.  A cookbook that simplifies things when you undertake that healthy journey.

The Whole30® – 30 Day Guide and Cookbook