Keto Summit Live

keto-diet-jpegLately, the keto diet seems to be in a lot of discussions.

For some it’s a way of life, for others it’s a miracle solution for loosing weight.

Ketosis is when your body relies on fat for energy; opposed to sugar.  And when the digestive tube is empty, the body will then use its own fat (ketone) if sugar (glucose) is not available.  Therefore, making it a way to loose weight.

Sounds like starvation to you?  Maybe.

But a ketogenic diet can help restore insulin sensitivity.  It can also minimize mood swings such as crankiness when you haven’t eaten for a few hours.  It naturally suppresses appetite because it regulates the levels of sugar in your blood.

It has been an official treatment for epilepsy condition, for a very long time. Studies are now indicating some potential benefits for treating migraines, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and even helping with brain tumors.

It is a diet that is quite promising and it’s giving the industry some hope that is worth investigating.

If you want to loose weight or feel that your neurological disease condition might benefit from a ketogenic diet, what follows will surely interest you.  It will guide you on asking the right questions to your doctor as well.

There is a web-based summit on the ketogenic topic with 31 experts that will teach you everything you need to know.

This is a FREE online event you can attend from home or on any mobile device.  Here are a few of the speakers to this event :
keto-summit-1 keto-summit-2 keto-summit-3


This is your chance to cut through all the misinformation and discover the ways that a keto diet can help you have a body and life you love.

This free, online event will show you exactly how to best live a keto lifestyle and how a keto diet can help you achieve your specific health goals.

It could also be something you want for a limited time in your life and that would be perfectly fine.  The keto diet is getting a lot of attention in the paleo community, let’s find out why.

You might want to learn more about this.  So here is the link to register.  Hurry up as it’s live until October 6th, but no worries, you can buy the audios if you want to or if you missed some of the interviews.