News & Dietary Evaluation part 2

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I don’t know about you, but here at The Gourmet Confession, 2016 ended with lots happening.

Oh, I’m not going to tell you about my annual goals (they were done 3 months ago), or even tell you about some plain resolutions.

But mostly about effervescence and the buzz going on in our lives.

New office

First, we started the construction of The Gourmet’s new office. The work is well underway with a great deal of vigor. No need to tell you that I am sooooo thrilled!  

We’ll be able to work from home without distractions coming from the laundry that’s waiting or getting calls from the floors waiting to be vacuumed. 

Let me clarify.

We are building a separate premise on our land. Yes, yes, yes! And thanks to Mike and his team (that includes me) his organized and dedicated work allowed this project to be done in total harmony and without any injuries (he’s an inspector by profession after all).

Things are moving fast here, so…. let’s roll!

Beef from Local Farmer

We have finally received our “half beef”. The other half was reserved by my good friend Jean. This particular beef was pasture-raised and growned without any added growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

This first experience was a true success.

Because we were already buying cage-free organic eggs from this farmer, our many visits gave us a chance to actually meet the meat before the fateful day.

Pasture-raised beef; Ti-Brun

That’s when Mike had the terrific idea to give it a name: ‘ti-brun” which means “little brown”. I know. Spooky.

On the other hand, it’s pretty rare that you actually have the chance to sincerely thank the animal before hand.  But that’s another story…

In the end, all went very well, the butcher delivered our cut selections, vacuum packed and freezed everything to perfection. Our freezers are packed full.

Many ”Ti-brun” recipes are to be expected on the blog soon…


On a lighter note, one of our cat passed under the mower.

No, not really! Pao had a nice haircut, don’t you find?


Pao with his new hair cut











Dietary evaluation

I am happy to confirm that my dietary evaluation with Mrs. Gareau, expert in Psycho kinesiology, is completed.

I now have a list of specific foods that my cells memory is apparently rejecting.

For those of you who missed first part of this article / subject, here it is.

I now have to eliminate them completely from my diet for a full 30 days. I will then be able to see if this has a beneficial effect on my digestive tube and the unexplained occasional bloating I still get.

As for the homeopathic treatment received for healing the inflammation in my elbow : success!
Really happy about that.

Kinesiology is poorly known in general.  February will be all about testing this food list to see the upcoming results.


Snowshoe Excursion

To conclude this article, I thought about sharing with you a few pictures of our snowshoe hiking in Ouareau forest, St-Donat/Quebec.

The snow was falling very slowly, it’s magical.  It is a beautiful and big park, but you can choose the trail you want depending on your physical condition and interest.

You can rent several back country huts which are perfect for a night or two. They are open to all during the day, but you can reserve them from 4:30pm to 10:00a.m.   That makes them really not expensive.

It’s such a beautiful way to finish the year; connection with nature and zen hiking with good friends!

To find out more about this beautiful hiking site :



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