Vegetable Garden Prep Work



Our Backyard

I love fall season.  The trees are changing, their colors are so bright and…it’s also time to prepare for the upcoming winter.

This past weekend, we worked hard preparing our future vegetable garden (we moved in this house 4 months ago).

We removed a small tree.   Then, we added some manure that we got from a local farmer.   He was very nice and sold us a bucket for $10. What a deal!  

I think everyone should try to visit local farms.  Like Chef Emeril would say ”Buy Fresh, Buy Local”.   If they agree to sell direct to you, you get fresh and quality products that you can save a lot on.

Then, my spouse finally got to play with the used Honda tiller he bought two weeks ago.  That does make a man feel invulnerable!  
So we used our tiller to break the soil. It will be ready to sow for when our Canadian winter is over.  

As we live north of Montreal, our winters are long (a good 5 months).  But, let’s see the positive side of it, that gives me time to plan the perfect layout and select the right vegetable varieties for our garden.  With the help of the precious book Vegetable Gardening for Dummies, you can’t go wrong.   My personal copy is so used that I could certainly afford to buy another one.


Vegetable garden prep 560_420

Our Future Vegetable Garden

I have plenty of ideas of what to sow.  There is nothing fresher than your own organic vegetables, still warm from being under the sun.  

What would you recommend I sow in this 15′ x 15′ area?  Your suggestions are welcome, comment below!