What is Sous Vide?

Sous Vide cooking 560_315 under 100Sous Vide is a cooking technique in which food is put into airtight plastic bags and then, cooked in a water bath a longer than normal cooking time.   It allows the food to be cooked at a lower temperature than conventional cooking methods.  The goal is to cook the food evenly, while retaining moisture and also avoid overcooking the outside.   Cooking temperatures vary depending on the cooked item and allows to never worry about over or under cooking anything.  The temperatures typically vary from 131 °F (55 °C) to  140 °F (60 °C).

With this method, you can cook beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, green vegetables, potatoes and root vegetables, squash and fruits (for purees for example).

Your meat will be juicy and tender and your carrots will be a bright orange.
To top it all off, a great advantage of cooking that way is that once your item is cooked, you can leave it for as long as you want without overcooking it.  That gives you all the time you need to finish preparing other foods to complete your meal.

How does it work?  Let’s take the most convenient method which is the stove top method.  

Simply fill and heat up a large pot of water.  Using a thermometer, bring the water to desired cooking temperature. Finding the burner setting to maintain that specific temperature might require a bit of adjustment at first.  Be patient, this is worth the effort.

Then, package your food in a sealed plastic bag with a bit of oil to prevent sticking.  Leave it unsealed while you submerge 3/4 of the bag, then seal the bag and secure it over the edge of the pot.  You can fix it with a small binder clip or by putting the pot lid over the bag.  Make sure you don’t close the lid completely tight.    Cook for as long as needed.  See this very useful Time and Temperature Guide from ChefSteps.

You can then remove the bag when your item is cooked through.  Remove your food carefully out of the bag and possibly use the oil for the finishing touch (pan sear meat or sauté some green leaves as a side dish).

Enjoy this unique way of cooking delicious and juicy foods at low temperature.  This makes them even more nutritious.  See how Norma Miller does it, I love her book.


There are multiple foods you can cook using this method.  Share your cooking experience using the comment box below.  I would love to hear all about it!

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