Zucchini Pasta


Zucchini Pasta or Zoodles

If you are looking for an alternative to wheat or gluten free pasta, look no more; zucchini pasta are fantabulous!

At home, to avoid wheat or even corn (OGM corn), we have tried different kinds of quinoa and rice noodles.

They tend to get boring very quickly, being too mushy and hard to cook al dente.

Of course, the spaghetti squash is always an option but we felt we need something new.

Zucchini pasta, or zoodles – a short version of zucchini noodles – are a pretty cool choice as they can be eaten raw or slightly heated.

The trick is, you have to keep them crisp.

Served as a sauté with olive oil and garlic, they are so quick to make.

Served with a creamy avocado dressing and a few roasted red bell peppers, they become original.

Served with your favorite tomato or spaghetti meat sauce (see my version using curcuma), they become comforting.

Kitchen Tools

Here are the 3 kitchen tools I talk about in the video, with a fourth one as a bonus.



The Spiralizer is very useful for frequent use with different vegetables.  It can make larger noodles like tagliatelles.

It allows to cut noodles in 3 ways:

1-  Regular  / spaghetti
2- Ribbon noodles, chips or grated 
3- Large noodles like tagliatelle

Dishwasher safe.  There is a  more recent version of this product that can also make angel hair noodles.




This julienne peeler requires a bit of dexterity but it’s still the less expensive solution.

This is the option that I like to most.  It doesn’t take a lot of space in my kitchen cupboards and it’s dishwasher safe.

You still need to be careful with this tool as it’s very sharp.  Focus required!







This swiss peeler has a sharp carbon steel blade and will only allow you to make large noodles.

Unless, you cut some notches to the zucchini first (lines) before you use the peeler.

If this is your first experience of tasting zucchini pasta, I recommend you start with a regular peeler.  Even if your noodles are not perfectly and equally shaped, you can test and enjoy a wheat-free, grain-free and corn-free meal.








Here is the fourth option, the hand held spiralizer (or Veggetti).  It works exactly the same way as a pencil sharpener.

Each ends allows for a different size of cutting.

With its very affordable price and bonuses (it comes with a peeler, a brush to clean it and a recipe book), this accessory is quite interesting.  

It’s built from BPA-Free ABS plastic and heat-treated stainless steel.   The blades are Japanese Razor Sharp Blades, guaranteed not to rust.  It has a built-in finger guard protection and safety cap for when the veggies become shorter.  It’s dishwasher safe and has a 5-year warranty.

I mean, what else could you ask for?  Easy to store because it’s relatively small, this one is my 2nd favorite.

I hope this information gives you the motivation to try zucchini pasta.  Being a healthy nutritious choice, you will find it delicious I’m sure!

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